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Chrissy Be Talking

Women Be Talking" has now changed to "Chrissy Be Talking".  This YouTube Channel is the culmination of all of the random thoughts that float through my mind all day, edited while I ramble in front of a green screen . . . sometimes in list format.  I don't post as much as I'd like to post, but . . . . I'm making some changes in March of 2021. #WatchMe


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Episode 13: NBCant See Chrissy's Hilariousity!!! 

Episode 12: In Defense of Kanye West!

Episode 11: Top Five Reasons Being Single is Awesome!  Happy Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day Lyric Video

Episode 10: Dating Trends to cease in 2018!

Episode 4: My Bumble Internet Dating Experience - Part One

Episode 3: When Doves Cry - My two cents about the controversial Dove Ad

Episode 5: My Bumble Internet Dating Experience - Part Two

Episode 6: The Mighty Penis

Episode 2: Boxed Wine Product Review Subtitle: "I drank too much"

Episode 1: Lauryn Hill and Nas Concert Recap

Episode 7: My Stream of Consciousness Merry Christmas 

Episode 8: P.Diddy Made Me Give my 6 Year Old Ciroc Vodka 

Channel Announcement

Episode 9: Pre-Sex Text Could have saved Aziz Ansari and "Grace" #SexForText2018

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