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Chrissy Omari

The Archive Page is for memories of my journey that make me proud, make me smile and sometimes make me cringe. I just found some of this stuff today.  It's cracking me up!





A review: Mental, The Musical
They said I had a "standout performance"!  Yasss!  I also got to meet Adrian Paul.  Of course, all I could say was "thank you" to him because, I hadn't learned how to speak in front of immortals yet.  And I got to kiss Rob Estes on the nights I didn't have fever 

In this review of Mental, they said that I imbued my songs with energy, I don't know what imbue means, but I know it's good.  They also asked what make Eileen Barnett & Rob Estes get involved in this mess.  Bahaha! Reviewer be hating!! lol!


A Review: Blues For Central Avenue

They said that the horrible story was mitigated by the good acting.  lol!  I didn't write it.  #FunTimes


A Review: He Came Not To Destroy

You have to buy a subscription to the LA Times for this one, but they didn't mention me at all, so why bother?  Actually, he did say that the manger scene was a provocative launch for the story and my boy Derek Shaun and I were the only two in the manger scene, but I digress.  I started as the understudy in this play and I BS you not, I did not do the whole play one time during rehearsals.  They lead would literally come backstage and take over when she saw me running lines.  LOLOL! #ActorsAreFunny  She does two shows, gets in a car accident and I have to stumble through the rest of them. #AhhMemories


A Review: The Girls of Summer

You also have to buy a subscription to the LA Times to read this one, but really don't bother. Again, this guy does mention me! Ugh!  He called this play "A draft of a rough draft of a play." LOLOL!! #Icant   This play sold out every performance and went on to win a few NAACP awards.  It was written and produced by my friend, Layon Gray, who I lovingly call LIE ON because he be lying.  lolol!  I crack myself up! Layon forced me to write my very first play "Joynetra the Genie", which helped me get some writing gigs.  Whoop!  Also, LAAAREP gave me some besties and I was the first person to play "Connie", so I want to be sure that that's noted in history. 

Links to my story ideas caught on tape.  


"Charisma Inc."

I wrote this show and filmed it with the homies for $500! I really just wanted a way for us to spend time together.  #KeepingItReal 

Four fabulous friends join forces to form a business where they can be free of machismo.

Ep.1  Ep.2. Ep.3

ALL of the storylines have happened to me personally . . . every single one.  #MenAtWorkBeTripping 

Also, I actually thought I was fat! We didn't do a good job marketing,  I have like 12 more episodes of this . . . #ohwell

The Rich House

Personally, I think this should be a tv show. I think that we shot this for a contest. We loss. They weren't ready.

Plot: A spoiled daddy's girl, who has never worked a day in her life is forced to run a youth community center in a disadvantaged area.  

Part One

Part Two

Sondi Gets A Job

This is probably one of my favorite pilots that I've ever written. It's really the comedic prequels to the The Rich House.  Hollywood stays sleeping on my wonderful ideas.  It's their loss . . . And mine a little because I have to do other things (HR, Real Estate, Business Development, etc.) to make money, but I mostly theirs.  You should see the stuff I haven't shot! 

A Trailer: Oh Snap! I'm Trapped in the house with a crazy, lunatic serial killer

This was a journey.  A journey of fun!! I misspelled fun. LOLOLOL! 

Stage Sketch Shows

I still love writing sketches.  They are like little stories with punchlines and deeper messages.  

I wrote the following sketches.  I think this might have been my first sketch show in LA, maybe.  I can't remember, but I do remember it being fun! 

Crenshaw Community Choir Sings The Hits

Actually, I don't think I wrote this one, but I still like it. 

Creneshia joins a Sorority
I played Creneshia! 

The Center for the Non-Essential and Plainly Obvious

I personally felt this was sooo clever.  


This sketch show was from a troupe I started with a friend called, Pretty Funny People.  #FunTimes  Where did I get the energy for this stuff? #Idk

The "N" Word
OMG!  One of these cast members is famous!! I credit myself for her success. 


The Token Members of Society
OMG! I forgot about this one.  I remember when Vince, the black guy, changed my joke, I was so mad.  lolol!  I used to take myself so seriously.  

Rip, The Realist Reporter

I wrote this because newscasters would switch from fluff stories to serious stories so quickly.  

El Corte

I know I came up with the idea for this one because I thought of it as a running sketch, but I think my producing partner wrote the actual idea or maybe we did it together.  I can't imagine myself writing a sketch about KFed. 


My Episode of Cockblocking

Dave Spates and John O. did this whole series of Cockblocking videos.  This was when people had just started watching YouTube.  They were hilarious!  This is episode #3. The only reason that I don't have this listed on my resume is because of the work "cock" in the title.  


Inturn 3 on CBS

I can only find one of my episodes posted on CBS.  The rest are on someone else's page.  I'll post them if I can, but I would like to say that CBS did me DIRTY! I would explain, but I'd have to remember stuff that I'd rather forget.  This should have been fun.  It wasn't.  I'm not saying ya'll were racist, but wait, no . . . they were racist. Actually, they were not racist. They were racially insensitive and it was just an uncomfortable experience. #IfICouldTurnBackTime


Reality Hell

OMG! This was a prank show that was so fun to shoot.  I don't have a copy and I don't think there are any episodes floating around online because rumor has it that the girl in my episode sued E! lol!  Selfish!  We could have had jobs! We basically made her think she was in a singing group as a prank.  She wasn't. I'm going to try to do an air check. 

Article About Her Lawsuit

Another Lawsuit Article - Lawd she said E! imprisoned her. I must have missed that part

Thats all for today!  I'm not even done yet, but this has been motivational for me. 



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