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OMG!! Would you people stop letting Annoying Orange surprise you? Dang!

Okay, so I have to add to my post from yesterday because of the president's additional statements about Charlotteville . . . Why in the flying flip is everyone surprised?!

This is the guy who appointed Steve Bannon and said that "Mexicans were racists". This is the guy who directed his staff to not let black people live in his luxury apartment buildings. WTF?! Why is everyone acting like his statement is out of character? Did you idiots think that he didn't support racists? If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's a freaking racist DONALD duck. I'm not mad at him at all. He's been very clear. I'm mad at people who seem like this proves something. It was proven with his campaign slogan "Make America Great AGAIN". Again means he wants to go back to something . . . It's not rocket science! He didn't change his ways. He's smart enough to not openly admit to being a racist bigot.

Very few racists will openly admit to being a racist, but for anyone to expect him to strongly condemn people who helped elect him and who's ideas he shares, is ridiculous. I have no doubt that the black Trump supporter who stood me up will still support him and so will his base. Look, Jon Snow should take a knee to Daenyrs. It only makes sense. He barely wants to be a king and he needs her dragons in order to face the white walkers, but he can't go back to his people if he pledges allegiance to her. President Donald Trump is the orange version of Jon Snow in this situation. He can't go back to his peeps and say that they are solely or even mostly responsible for anything. He can't take the side of "the blacks", "the gays", "the Jews", or "the <insert any group that Nazi's hate>" over his buddies.

Stop being surprised. Seriously. I mean seriously.

And while I'm in unpaid writing mode, let me add that most of the long term politicians, outspoken celebrities, Wall Street people, white supremicists, (yes, even Bill & Hillary) have known Donald Trump for years. This is not new for them. They kicked it with him frequently, accepted his money and invited him to their parties. The only new part is that he actually has legitimate power to go with the money that he's had for years. So, I'm going to make like Candide and tend my own garden and save up my money for when the recession hits because of the loosening of the Dodd-Frank regulations.

I'll be annoyed with the rest of the sane people in the country and bothered with the rest of the liberals, but the only thing that will surprise me is if he actually get impeached.

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