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It's Been Awhile! Imma need ya'll to stop being shocked by the "pussy grabber" in

Goodness! I haven't written here for a while. I've had lots of things on my mind, but not a ton of time to write what I've been think about. I guess the big news of the year has been our new American president. #sigh

I was tired of hearing his name before he was elected and now I can't escape hearing about him every single day. I think that everyone has said everything that I've really wanted to say about him. The only thing that I would add is for people to stop being shocked and outraged by anything that he does. I mean, I guess that can be outraged, but they really do have to keep the shock.

This weekend white supremacists marched in Charleston. Someone was killed. I think that white supremacists have every right to protest. I don't really see the point in counter protest. They are mad because they are losing their supremacy, but anyway that's for another posts. President Trumps denounced hate "on all sides" during his initial response to the violence. Everyone got upset because he didn't specifically denounce Nazi's or white supremacists groups. I personally didn't understand the shock. The people I watch (Young Turks, Seth Meyers, Stephen Colbert, Facebook, John Oliver) seemed genuinely annoyed that the president didn't denounce Nazi's by name.

I completely understood why he didn't. If I became the president tomorrow and a single woman cut off her man's penis for cheating, I would denounce "bad doing" on both sides. I wouldn't specifically say that I understand why she cut off the dude's junk because I know better, but my first instinct would be to strongly speak out against bitter women who have been cheated on. Why would anyone expect "Mexicans are Rapists" Donald to adamantly speak out against racists. He's not dumb. He knows that blatant racists and subversive racists alike all have his back. I mean really?! So, everyone is really shocked that the person who appointed STEVE BANNON didn't immediately speak about against the KKK! Come on son! At the very least, let's save the "shock" for things he does, not what he says.

I was more shocked that he actually let the words come out of his mouth two days later. Of course, my people (the lefties) fed right into the behavior that got him elected. They criticized him for waiting too long to say it and no one gave him any props for many efforts toward shortening wait times for veterans. They/We have to know that by criticizing him for doing what we wanted to do, you give him the argument that he and his followers cling to "he's damned if he do, he's damned if he don't". Normally, I wouldn't care about this over criticism, but it's part of what got him elected and I really hope that the left can realize that our obsession with him only helps.

Recently, I actually spoke to an black Donald Trump supporter. His name started with a T. If you're reading this, you're an asshole. I mean that. Not because you're a Trump supporter, but because you stood me up when you could have just text me and said you didn't want to go out. You inconvenienced me, but I forgive you because it's clear that your a douche, so it would have been annoying being around you for hours.

Anyway, I spoke to this black Trump supporter for over an hour and it was clear from speaking to him that he was really uninformed about current events and very money oriented. I tried really had not to attack him with facts because I think that when you do that to people, especially uninformed people, they tend to shut down and I really wanted to understand how he could be so ignorant. He said that he voted for Donald Trump because he was a businessman and he felt that Donald Trump would help businesses. He seemed clueless about the fact that his level of business (middle class grossing less than 5 million dollars a year) wouldn't really be getting a ton a help. I didn't tell him that. I just listened.

We talked about the media criticism of Donald Trump. He said that everyone was against him and he actually seemed to believe that most reports were "fake" news and that the whole Russian story was just made up to hurt Donald Trump. Anyway, this is getting long, but I say all of this to say. The over criticism isn't helping. I wish we could just be fair. I feel like if our side tried a little bit of fairness then possibly help. Meaning that when he said that the KKK was repugnant, we should have said, "Wow, it's great that he said that" put it on a loop and left it alone, but nope. We criticize him for doing what we want him to do and then criticize for not doing what we want him to do (i.e.: him not repealing Obamacare and not building the wall immediately is a GOOD THING) and we think that the ignorant uninformed people will be swayed by our over criticism. I mean, we all know that he doesn't mean it, so if we're going to play the game, let's play to win. We can't win the way we're going. If we keep going like this, the only reason Trump wouldn't be elected in 2020 is if he didn't want to be.

I'm not going to spellcheck this or read it over . . . because . . . reasons . . . :)

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