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And The Winner Is . . .

So, yesterday I had this smile on my face all day and I felt a little giddy. I didn't even watch the Emmy's because I don't have cable, but I knew that Viola Davis, Regina King and Crazy Eyes, I mean, Uzo Aduba won because my best friend watched it on the East Coast and called me everytime a black person won. LOLOLOL!!

I still haven't watched any of the speeches, but I've been feeling really happy and emotional about it all day. I don't usually connect myself to celebrity victories. As much as I love and respect Beyonce, I really don't care when she wins a(nother) Grammy, but this was different. It pops into my mind when I'm driving and I smille. When I see the pics on social media, I say "Go on now!!" out loud as if the screen can hear me.

I didn't see the show that Regina King won for, but I saw all of HTGAWM, and don't even get me started on Crazy Eyes. She acted her BUTT off. I mean, hands down, she did her thang. I was happy that they were being rewarded for thier talent, but again I don't really connect to awards that way.

I thought about it and I think its because the three African-American women who won actually look like me. Not in a metaphorical sense like Beyonce is a black woman and I'm a black woman, so I can say, "She looks like me", but I just mean we're both black women. They look like me in reality, not like how I would look if I throw a weave in, stay out of the sun and put on 2 pounds of makeup. They actually look how I look (a tad more fit, but still) . . . so as an extension of that scene where Viola took off her wig and makeup and had to decide if she liked herself (so to speak), I think thier victories were motivational to me because they helped me realize that I can be good enough as I am. I don't know if I'm explaining this clearly, but thier victories made me happy. Whoop! Whoop!

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