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Mr. Horace Reign Hairston

Alrighty, I realized that I've become "one of those" mothers. I can barely hold a conversation without talking aobut my son. Virtually every facebook post is about him and I look at pictures of him on my phone when I'm not around him. The crazy thing about it is that I'm not an obsessive mom at all. I actually like, I mean LOVE my alone time and I go out, but I do think about my son alot. Now, that he's talking more, I'm starting this electronic journal of the funny things he does. Hopefully, I can share them with the page to reference forever and I won't have to be a Horace broken record to people I come in contact with daily.

- Last week, I was practictice sing for church, he came into my room and said, "Mommy, what's that noise?". Now, I know he saw me singing because he's staring at me, so I ignore him and continue to sing. He stood there and looked at me for a while and then said, "MOMMY, HUSH THAT NOISE!". When I stopped, he ran back to his room. lol!

- Today, I was racing him on his tricycle on the way home from the park. Of course, I won. I said, "You can't beat mommy. I'm swift like a butterfly". He replied, "I'm a lion!" and he roared. Bahahaha! He's always comparing himself to an animal. When I picked him up from school, he jumped out the door and said he was hopping like a kangaroo.

- I told this story at my Bistro gig last month, but it's still funny. I was singing one of my favorite songs "Sweet Child Of Mine" and when I got to the part where the song goes "Where do we go now?" He interupted me to say, "To church Mommy, We're going to churh!". LOLOLOLOLOL!

- Last week, something happened to scare him from the back part of the apartment. Whenever he goes there, he covers his eyes. I'm trying not to call attention to it in hopes that it's a phase that will go away. He went through a "calling me Chrissy" phase. Everyone said I should "correct" it, but I just ignored it and it went away. Anyway, this morning, he woke up and said that there was a monster in his room. So, I told him to tell them monster to go way. I yelled and said, "Go Away Monster!". I told him to do it. First, he said "no". Then, he screamed, "Go Away Monster" with confidence. Then, he sat down and covered his eyes again. It's just funny because he was all loud telling the montster to go away.

- He calls me Princess Mommy. I've never told him to do that, but . . . no need to stop him. (added 9/23)


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