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Men Man! #PartOne

So, I'm trying not to write too much about dating in LA on this site because this would become a dating blog, but I have a quick vent.

So, I sighed up for Tinder. I really like it because althought the premise is pretty shallow, I like that you really only communicate with men, who you are mutually attracted to in some way. Long story short. I swype right on this guy. We talk, we meet, yada, yada.

So, he turns to me, looks me deep in my eyes and says,"I have to be honest with you". Now, he has my attention. I want to know what he's going to say and I think "OMG! This guy may be my next boyfriend". He continues, "I'm a really intimate person and I really think that you would enjoy being intimate with me." I'm shocked at how ridiculous he sounds, so my silence cues him to keep speaking. "You look amazing and you are someone I can see myself being with intimately."

At this point, I know that I have to speak because if I don't, he will continue, so I interject (I'm trying to help because at this point, I don't want to write this guy off) "You know, I'm open to intimacy. I like having sex, but I need to feel a connection and I think that it should be organic." He responds that he knows what I'm saying and then starts to tell me how great he is in bed.


I shut down after this because I know I'll never see him again. I let him talk and just nodded in agreement at the foolishness, BUT what I wanted to say was, "Has this worked for you in the past?" It's so crazy that some men think that thier willingingness to "have sex" with you is a compliment that they should serendade you with. I would blame it on LA, but he had only been in town 3 months.

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