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Prepping for the New Year with my can of WhoopAss!

I bet you're thinking, "Hey Chrissy! It's mid-February. You're late for the new year!" Well, I'm not . I've decided to fully embrace my individuality and that includes honoring my own time landmarks. There is a better word for time landmark. I'll think of it later. I felt like my life started over on March 9th, 2011, the day I had my son. This is the day that marks my new year.

I have 19 more days until the New Year starts and I plan to go hard, so I can start my new year off right. Today, I met my new agent, Carrie Levy. I have a really great feeling about her, the agency and my successful relationship within it. As I hiked this morning, I practiced some songs that the band will try out for our gig on the 6th and I resolved to . . . I'm nervous about writing this . . . I resolved to send my song to our amazing guitarist, Paul Biafore, so that we can play it at our April gig! Wait . . . what? My first original band song!

My can of Whoopass will help me go on the hikes, jogs and runs after dropping off Horace and before going to work, so I can build the endurance needed not to pass out in the middle of "Rolling on the River" and lose this freaking twenty pounds that just won't back up off me! My can of Whoopass will give me the mental fortitude needed to bang out these business articles, so that I can pay for my new piano and martial arts classes for my son. At this point, I really should start another sentence with "My can of Whoopass will", but I don't have to because I'm embracing my individuality.

Could a time landmark be considered a milestone? #WhoKnows

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